Experiences: it takes an ecosystem

In today’s market, delivering a functional core product or service is not enough. People expect more than just function. To transform your business, you need to go beyond function to create memorable, meaningful experiences - something no one else in your market can offer that creates real value for your customers, partners and employees. To create ideal experiences, PwC’s Experience Center brings together the right ecosystem of talent, environments, and solutions.

Talent: use the whole brain

Bringing together the whole brain of creative and business minds at the right time is crucial to the success of building meaningful experiences. From MBAs to Masters of Fine Arts, from industry specialists to experience designers and technologists, PwC’s Experience Center is a community of 3,000 co-creators across the globe who help clients solve their biggest business problems.

Environments: roll up your sleeves

Our environments, known as Sandboxes, bring together physical and virtual worlds to nurture collaboration and co-creation. Workspaces to tinker, labs to experiment, war rooms to debate, and real-world studios where ideas come to life. The first Experience Center Sandbox is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida (just outside Miami), with a second facility planned for early 2016 in California.

Solutions: move fast, win fast

Many organizations aren’t built to quickly address or respond to today’s rapidly evolving competitive market. PwC partners with its clients through custom offerings to help innovate their business and create new value. Whether you’re looking for the next big idea, or if you have an idea but not the resources to make it real, our collaborative engagement models can accelerate how you move you beyond current trends to deliver future success.